2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR


Ready, Set, Kids offers a Monday through Friday preschool, 9am-1pm (12:30 release on Tuesdays), plus language immersion classes and our popular Preschool Play program for 2 year olds. Featuring the same quality, caring, and enriching environment of our one-hour enrichment classes, these classes extend the learning all morning

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We believe that children are intelligent.  At a young age, they know what they like and learn better if the content being taught relates to their interests.  This allows a child’s natural love of learning to take over, encourages feelings of competency and increases the probability of classroom success. We aim to be as child-directed as possible and deliver an Active Learning curriculum, allowing the children to share in control of the classroom curriculum. Therefore, our curriculum philosophy is centered around creating an inclusive environment where children feel empowered to follow their curiosities and explore their world. 

We believe in developing social and emotional skills in children, at whatever level they are at. We use the Sanford Harmony curriculum which works to reduce bullying, and help children develop into tolerant, compassionate, and caring adults for the future. This includes their Diversity & Inclusion curriculum to develop cooperation skills and empower students to resolve conflict, communicate efficiently, and develop healthy relationships.

We believe that instructors make the difference.  Our preschool instructors are more than an intelligent, interesting and globally aware group of leaders.  They are hard workers on a mission to create a climate of trust and respect from the child’s point of view in a “nose to nose, knee to knee” kind of way. When children feel safe and nurtured in their environment, they have fun, express themselves openly, and most importantly, learn.

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Registration is currently open for the 2019-2020 School Year. IF A PROGRAM IS FULL, YOU CAN STILL REGISTER TO BE WAITLISTED - INDICATE YOUR PREFERRED DAYS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.  We will contact you to confirm enrollment once your application has been reviewed and space is confirmed on the preferred days. Note: a $55 application fee will apply to all new families.

Preschool Registration: 2019-2020

Preschool play & language immersion Registration 2019-2020