This drop-off class is an introduction to the social and classroom environment for your 2 or 3 year old. In this program, classes are structured with breaks for snacks, diapering/toileting, but designed to be child-led and play-based, fostering independence and self-guidance. The program’s focus is on respect and community, while introducing children to a wide variety of materials to explore.


Instructors provide a consistent framework for the play-based language immersion lessons that provides a balanced variety of learning opportunities.  Children engage in both individual and social play, participate in group activities, assist with cleanup and develop self-care skills.  Each day, instructors work to provide a variety of language learning opportunities through songs, movement, games, stories, creative activities, snack and meal times, and much more. Three and four-week thematic units cover age-appropriate and language-rich topics to learn core vocabulary and phrases. At-home papers with each theme’s target language words, songs, and activities are provided to extend the learning outside of the classroom.


UPDATE JULY 28, 2020 - Licensing regulations for schools and child care programs have changed as a result of the pandemic and we aim to adhere to EEC guidelines set forth. We are really looking forward to helping children thrive through this time of change and uncertainty and to giving them a place that is nurturing, fosters a love of learning and community, and - most importantly - safe. We also want you, their parents, to feel ready and comfortable to drop your child off each morning.  We anticipate that the licensing regulations may change again throughout the summer, and in turn we will post our health and safety guidelines. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, although registration is open for classes, please understand that it is possible that programs do not open for in-person instruction.


Students will be placed in one "cohort" of classes, based on the schedule you register for.
There will be three options:

2 day: T/Th. $525 per month
3 day: MWF. $750 per month
5 day: M-F. $1070 per month

Daily schedule is 9am-1pm. 

Student : Teacher ratio will be no more than 10 : 2

All classrooms will combine our STEM and Spanish curriculum. Unfortunately Mandarin will not be offered in the preschool this year, only as an enrichment class.

As always, outdoor time is a priority of ours, and even more so during the pandemic, so much of our instruction will be held at nearby Spy Pond Field.

Classrooms will be made up of mixed ages unless we have enough students to divide them into two groups. A limited number of toilet-training children will be admitted to each group. Children must be 3 by September 1 to register for the 2 and 5 day program, and children who are 2 years 9 months in September or older may register for the 3 day program. 

Any changes to the 2's programming will be announced later this summer.

We will also be announcing a daytime school-age program, great for families with older siblings in grades K-5! Stay tuned.




STEM-based preschool classes encourage children to have fun while they are observing, hypothesizing, experimenting and reflecting about their world. We offer a variety themes including: Engineering: Things that Fly, Chemistry: Kitchen Science, Secret Agent Science as well as Force & Motion and Electricity & Magnetism. The STEM preschool classes combines our structured science curriculum with our maker space, a place for our young engineers to design and build with the proper adult support. Many of our themes are designed around student’s interests and abilities, allowing for child-led projects and explorations. STEM classes prioritize outdoor play, so much of the curriculum is designed to include nature. We extend our STEM concepts to the outdoors as much as possible, exploring and learning at the nearby Spy Pond Fields. 

FALL 2020-2021 SCHEDULE 



*school-aged options for Kindergarteners for the 2020-2021 School Year. Email us for more info!

Ready, Set, Kids offers morning preschool programs daily 9am-1pm, enrichment classes for preschoolers and our popular Preschool Play program for 2 year olds. Featuring the same quality, caring, and enriching environment of our one-hour enrichment classes, these classes extend the learning all morning! 

Email readysetkidspreschool@gmail.com for more information or to schedule an after-hours tour.