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This fall, we bring you RSKids Cast Book Clubs.



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spanish With Senora Emily  

STEM with Miss Lauren

Each week, we'll focus on stories that will inspire science exploration, Spanish engagement, works of art, movement games, and of course lots of sharing, silliness, and giggles. From fairy tales to silly tales, we will be dissecting stories of all kinds. Book club groups will not only read together, but we'll be doing all kinds of fun activities like: finding ways for the Gingerbread man to trick the zorro (fox), to mapping the path for Little Red Riding Hood, to building our own secret identities like the Princess in Black, it is sure to be a fun time.

The school age book club, geared toward kiddos ages 7-10, will have books assigned and chapters to read each week (that can be read independently or read aloud to them by a grown-up) for chatting about together and  as a jumping point for activities. Our first book will be one of my current favorite books, The Explorer, by Katherine Rundell. In this adventure novel set in the 1920’s, four children are stranded in the Amazon rainforest after their small aircraft crashes. This book is equally exciting, funny and thoughtful and it inspires us to consider what it means to be “an explorer”.  During this book club we will discuss what we’ve read as well as complete complementary activities related to the book. We may create maps together, write fan-fiction, explore open-ended art activities, and learn survival strategies, in case we ever find ourselves in the Amazon rainforest without a guide.  Families should obtain a copy of the book before our book club starts.

Is this just for fun, or will there be real learning happening? We are always learning! Our preschool-K groups will cover many of the academic topics in the Massachusetts state learning objectives, and can be a great resource for homeschooling families. We will send home activity suggestions to supplement the online teaching time. But of course, we present everything in a fun and playful way so that our kiddos don't necessarily feel like they are learning.

A class for grown-ups? That's right! For all of our families who will have kiddos learning at home this year, we have a book club for you! To start the year, we'll read the book The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart, and each week we will discuss the many questions that homeschool parents face like: How do I manage homeschooling with multiple kiddos at home? What do I do if my child struggles with math? What do my kids need to know by the end of the school year? How can I foster a love of learning at home? How am I supposed to do it all? When we come together as a parents on the same journey, the community we create will help build confidence and share resources to help make homeschooling an exciting and enjoyable experience. 



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